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Matt Stell

“The music I make now is mine because I believe it and it’s true,” he says. “That’s what I can
contribute, and that’s how I see myself fitting in. The currency of the realm is authenticity, and I
think there’s room for mine.” That’s something he proved with back-to-back #1s that put him in the forefront of this era’s songwriters, and he proves it again with One Of Us, an EP that establishes him an artist of real depth and vision.

The breakthrough came with the 2X PLATINUM “Prayed For You,” the only debut single to top
the Billboard Country Airplay chart in 2019. The PLATINUM follow-up, “Everywhere But On,”
made him one of just a handful of new artists to hit the top twice in a row in six years. In the
process, he racked up more than half a BILLION total global streams across his catalog while
surpassing 27 million views alone for the official music video for “Prayed For You.”

He quickly became one of his generation’s busiest and most visible artists, appearing on Good
Morning America, The Kelly Clarkson Show, Bachelor in Paradise, and The Late Show with
Stephen Colbert’s #LateShowMeMusic digital series. Along the way, he performed the national
anthem for major NFL and NASCAR events, plus debuted at the Grand Ole Opry with about 150
friends and family members in attendance from his hometown.

One Of Us, the six-song collection that is the latest step in his musical journey, shows Stell at his
creative best, with songs that bring alive a landscape of small-town dreams, friendship, love, and
heartbreak. The title track is an anthem for those who share and celebrate the day-to-day realities
of small-town life. “Man Made” honors the strength and inspiration provided by the woman behind
even the most accomplished man, and “Somewhere Over The Radio” deals with the siren call of
leaving to pursue dreams bigger than a hometown, “about how hard that decision is, and the
people you leave behind but really take with you wherever you go.”

Professionally, his focus remains making the best music possible.
“The goal,” he says, “is to make as much emotional connection as I can. Since this is the music
business, there’s always that tension between making music you’re proud of and music people
want to consume. I believe emotional honesty and musical integrity are the way to do both. My
roots are in the Classic Country I heard as a child in Arkansas, but those roots have been watered
with a lot of other influences along the way, and there’s new growth every year. I spent a lot of
time looking for a voice and I feel like I’ve found it, and everything I do going forward will be a
reflection of that.”

Videos - Shut The Truck Up - Man Made - If I Was a Bar - God is a woman - Home in a Hometown - Prayed For You - Everywhere But On


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